Infant and Child Care Additional Subsidy Calculator

To apply for the Additional Subsidy, you should be a mother working 56 hours or more per month, have a Singapore Citizen child enrolled in a licensed child/infant care centre in Singapore and your monthly household income should not exceed $7,500.

Larger families (households with 5 or more family members, including more than 2 dependents) may wish to apply for the Additional Subsidy based on their family's per capita income (PCI).

More details and FAQs on the infant and child care subsidy framework is available on our website at or Contact Us.

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*Monthly household income is based on the gross combined income of both parents.

1. For applicants who are salaried employees, their income will be based on the average monthly income received over the last available 12 month period, including bonuses and allowances.
2. For applicants who are self-employed, their income will be based on monthly income derived from the last available net trade income assessed by the IRAS within the last two assessment years.

(*Optional, only for households with 5 or more family members, including more than 2 dependents only)

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