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Subsidies and Financial Assistance

There are many subsidies and financial assistance schemes available to make child care services more affordable for parents. These include Basic and Additional Subsidy for centre-based infant and child care, and the ComCare Student Care Subsidies.

Find out more details regarding parent and child eligibility, subsidy amounts, and the terms and conditions.

Child Care/ Infant Care Subsidy

All parents with Singapore Citizen children enrolled in child care centres licensed by ECDA will continue to be eligible for a Basic Subsidy.

In addition, families with monthly household incomes of $7,500 and below are now eligible for an Additional Subsidy, with lower income families receiving more. Larger families with many dependents can also choose to have their Additional Subsidy computed on a per capita income (PCI) basis.

Please refer to our FAQs and brochure for more information.

Web FAQ for Centre-based Infant and Child Care Subsidies
PDF Brochure on Child Care/ Infant Care Subsidy
Web Child Care / Infant Care Subsidy Calculator
PDF ECDA Subsidy Forms
Subsidies and Financial Assistance
Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS) - With effect from January 2015

Parents whose gross monthly household income is $6,000 and below and have a Singapore Citizen child enrolled in kindergarten, nursery or pre-nursery (K2, K1, N or pre-N) programme in kindergartens operated by Anchor Operators (e.g. PCF kindergartens) or the Ministry of Education (MOE kindergartens) are eligible for KiFAS.

Please refer to our FAQs and brochure for more information.

PDF Brochure on Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS)
PDF FAQ on Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS)
ComCare Student Care Subsidies

Student Care Centres (SCCs) provide before- or after-school care for children aged 7 to 14. If you need to put your child in a student care centre but cannot afford the fees, you may apply for help under SCFA.

SCFA is also available to children with disabilities in Special Student Care Centres. For more information on this service, please refer to

Web ComCare Student Care Subsidies