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Setting up a Centre

Guide to Setting up Centre

Guidelines for Centre-Based Infant/Toddler Care Services

Pre-Licensing Checklist for Child Care Centres

Apply for Child Care License

Towards Best Practices - Good Practices Handbook for Child Care Centres

Good Employers' Toolkit

Guidelines for Transfer of Ownership of Child Care Centres

Register for an Open Selection Project (for VWOs)

Recurrent Grant for Anchor Operator Scheme (for Non-Profits)

Tips For New Staff

Apply for Child Care Link Access and Manuals

Centre Key User Account

VWO Account (Open Selection Process and Cyclical Maintenance)


Latest Advisory

Infection Control Guidelines

Subsidies and Financial Assistance

Child Care/Infant Care Subsidies

ComCare Student Care Subsidies

Subsidies and Financial Assistance

Child care/infant care subsidies

To enhance the affordability of infant and child care services in Singapore, the Government provides infant and child care subsidies to working and non-working mothers whose children are enrolled in a licensed centre.

Child care centres can apply for these subsidies on the parent's behalf - find out more about the procedure and requirements as well as eligibility and subsidy amounts here.

Download PDF Overview on Child / Infant Care Subsidies
Download Excel Child Care / Infant Care Subsidy Calculator

ComCare Student Care Subsidies

To help defray the cost of Student Care, ComCare provides financial assistance to lower income families.

For more information, please refer to